Charging Repair

Charging repair problems fixed at your home or work. Is your mobile phone no longer charging? We can get your phone back up and working in a jiffy with our charging repair service but first please remember that there can be a number of reasons for this, the most common reasons for mobile phones not charging are as follows

Charging Repair of Charge port

The charge ports can get damaged due to many reasons, the most common being water, builders materials including plaster, food or the cable being pulled fast while connected to the phone causing the internal charge connectors to snap or bend beyond repair.

We can visit and sometimes do the repair on the spot within 30 mins. We charge just £40 if the port can be fixed in just one visit. If the damage is severe or the repair requires soldering then we usually charge an additional fee of £30-£40 depending on make and model and return the phone on the following day.

Faulty Battery

Faulty batteries are a very common problem for charging issues. Please note: phones should still boot up with a damaged or faulty battery but in rare instances it may not start at all, this is more common if the phone hasn’t been used in months and the battery cells have died.  We can collect your phone and return it the following working day with a brand new battery. Prices vary depending on make and model.

iPhone battery replacement is between £40 and £60.

Samsung battery replacement is between £40 and £50.

Charging ICU repair

In the very worst case you could have a charging ICU fault on the board, this is more common in iPhones due to the strict cable comparability checks within the phones charging chip. Repair prices ranges from £50 to £100 for ICU repairs.

Severe Water Damage

If your phone has been subjected to severe water damage then unfortunately there is nothing we can do to save your phone. Please only call us if you know there is no water damage. Unfortunately we still need to charge £20 visitation fee for our time and fuel If we open your phone and find droplets of water and/or white electrical corrosion due to water exposure.