We offer a 120 day warranty on all of our repair services. A breakdown of warranty cover for each product follows.

Screen Repair Warranty

We offer a full 120 day warranty on the LCD and the bonding of the Frame to the glass. Unfortunately, like all other companies including Apple we can’t honour warranties on the outer glass for obvious reasons.

The warranty is void in certain instances, they are:

  • Fluid damage
  • Cracked outer glass – All manufacturers and suppliers of screens will refuse to honour warranties if the glass is cracked
  • LCD bleeding or bright spots due to high pressure points – A common example of this is keys pressing against the screen in your pocket.
  • Lines appearing on the screen – Coloured lines are a common problem with all LCD screens when subjected to high impact damage.
  • Bent housing – A bend of just 1 degree or less will cause your screen to pop out of the housing.
  • Damaged housing – Small dents in the edges or corners of the frame can cause the glass to lift in the same area due to pressure.

We will gladly honour warranties if none of the above apply. Here are industry known faults that we cover under the warranty:

  • Phantom Touch or Ghost Touch – if there isn’t a deep scratch in the exact area
  • Unresponsive areas on the screen – if there isn’t a deep scratch in the exact area
  • Bad colour or contrast on the screen – if there isn’t a deep scratch in the exact area
  • Dead pixels
  • Poor quality display
  • Distorted picture
  • Faulty home button due to installation
  • Glass coming away from the frame but not cracked. Cracks will often cause the glass to peel away from the frame.
  • Earpiece speaker problem due to installation.

Goodwill Screen Warranty

If your screen is damaged within 120 days in any way other than water damage, we can offer a goodwill repair at £20 off of the original repair cost!

Please always check your device before the technician departs
Almost all repairs are completed without any other faults or problems occurring, however we do advise you to check your phone before the technicians leaves. Screen related functions include:

  • Earpiece speaker
  • Facetime Camera
  • Home Button

All qualifying warranties can be sent via post or delivered in person to:

47 Arthur Road

Reserved Warranty Fee 

If a fault with your screen can not be determined by an engineer or proved with a video then we reserve the right to charge £30 for our time and fuel, we will then replace it with your original screen. Comparing a new screen with no screen burn, tints or washout with an older screen with signs of display fade is not grounds for replacement. If the whites are whiter and the blacks are blacker in the replacement screen compared to an older screen then a free warranty will not be offered.

Yellow tint

You should never see a yellow or blue tint on your phone unless you have true tone or night shift active in Settings->Display. If you see a yellow tint in the new screen supplied by us and both these settings are off then we will replace your screen for free.